Term papers electoral college

Constitutional debates[ edit ] Throughout its proceedings, the US Constitutional Convention of debated the method for selecting the president, trying to find a method that would be acceptable to all the bodies represented at the convention. Different plans were proposed, including:

Term papers electoral college

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We are neither affiliated with the author of this essay nor responsible for its content. The electoral college system is one which is criticized often. In most of the countries in the world their leader is chosen by popular vote. This was true even in communist countries, although many times only one candidate runs sometime.

This system of popular vote is not used in the United States, the country that is supposed to be the most democratic.

The Electoral College, the constitutional system for the election of the president and vice president of the United States. It is the collective name for a group of electors, nominated by political parties within the states and popularly elected, who meet to vote for those two offices.

Each party within a state selects a slate of electors numerically equal to the state's congressional delegation. The electors normally pledge to vote for the nominees of their party, but they are not constitutionally required to do so.

When the American people vote for president and vice president, they are actually voting for slates of electors pledged to their candidates. Because the electors usually are chosen at large, the electoral vote of each state is cast as a unit, and the victorious presidential and vice presidential nominees in each state win the state's entire electoral vote.

The candidates receiving a majority of the total electoral vote in the United States are elected. Constitution and has been modified mainly by the 12th Amendment. Numerous plans have been proposed for eliminating or altering the electoral college, including direct election of the president and vice president by popular vote.

It extremely ironic that the what is supposed to be the most democratic government in the world, does not choose a president according to what the majority of the people want.

Term papers electoral college

The electoral college system generally gives all of a state's electoral votes to the winner in that state, no matter how slim the margin. Thus it has happened that candidates have been elected even though they received fewer popular votes than their opponents. Hayes inand Benjamin Harrison, inwere elected in this manner.

In the case of Hayes, a special electoral commission was called in to decide the contested returns. John Quincy Adams also received fewer popular votes than his opponent, Andrew Jackson, in the election ofbut his election was decided by the House of Representatives because Jackson failed to win a majority of electoral college votes.

On several occasions the popular vote pluralities of the electoral college victors have been razor thin or even questionable.

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One instance was the election of John F.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electoral college essay paper approx. words on the advantages and disadvantages of the US Electoral College using at least 3 sources with one being the online text book American Gov.

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Term papers electoral college

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