Real time business intelligence in agent oriented

Instead of taking a bespoke approach, Bergman envisioned creating a resource that could be shared by multiple companies. There was a growing realization, he notes, that it was the knowledge component matched with Semantic technologies that then leverage this ability to do knowledge-based AI. New Mindset for a New Solution KBpedia is the knowledge structure component that combines the six major knowledge bases mentioned above — with their hundreds of thousands of concepts and 20 million entities — plus mappings to another 20 knowledge bases. Bergman says that there was no adequate off-the-shelf way to bring together the various knowledge bases that it needed to.

Real time business intelligence in agent oriented

This technology is real-time business intelligence. Latency All real-time business intelligence systems have some latency [2]but the goal is to minimize the time from the business event happening to a corrective action or notification being initiated.

Analyst Richard Hackathorn describes three types of latency: Data latency; the time taken to collect and store the data Analysis latency; the time taken to analyze the data and turn it into actionable information Action latency; the time taken to react to the information and take action Real-time business intelligence technologies are designed to reduce all three latencies to as close to zero as possible, whereas traditional business intelligence only seeks to reduce data latency and does not address analysis latency or action latency since both are governed by manual processes.

Some commentators have introduced the concept of right time business intelligence which proposes that information should be delivered just before it is required, and not necessarily in real-time. Architectures This section does not cite any references or sources.

These in- memory techniques have the advantage that high rates of events can be monitored, and since data does not have to be written into databases data latency can be reduced to milliseconds.

Data warehouse An alternative approach to event driven architectures is to increase the refresh cycle of an existing data warehouse to update the data more frequently.

These real-time data warehouse systems can achieve near real-time update of data, where the data latency typically is in the range from minutes to hours. The analysis of the data is still usually manual, so the total latency is significantly different from event driven architectural approaches.

Because live data is accessed directly by server-less means, it provides the potential for zero-latency, real-time data in the truest sense.

Process-aware This is sometimes considered a subset of Operational intelligence and is also identified with Business Activity Monitoring. Advanced implementations allow threshold detection, alerting and providing feedback to the process execution systems themselves, thereby 'closing the loop'.

Real time business intelligence in agent oriented

Technologies that support real-time analytics Technologies that can be supported to enable real-time business intelligence are data visualizationdata federationenterprise information integration, enterprise application integration and service oriented architecture.

Complex event processing tools can be used to analyze data streams in real time and either trigger automated actions or alert workers to patterns and trends. Data warehouse appliance is a combination of hardware and software product which was designed exclusively for analytical processing.

In data warehouse implementation, tasks that involve tuning, adding or editing structure around the data, data migration from other databases, reconciliation of data are done by DBA.

Another task for DBA was to make the database to perform well for large sets of users. Whereas with data warehouse appliances, it is the vendor responsibility of the physical design and tuning the software as per hardware requirements.

Data warehouse appliance package comes with its own operating system, storage, DBMS, software, and required hardware. If required data warehouse appliances can easily integrated with other tools.

There are very limited vendors for providing Mobile business intelligence ; MBI is integrated with existing BI architecture. MBI is a package that uses existing BI applications so people can use on their mobile phone and make informed decision in real time.Intelligence of Business is a new field of the investigation of the application of human cognitive faculties and artificial intelligence technologies to the management and decision support in different business .

Download Citation on ResearchGate | e-Business Agent Oriented Component Based Development for Business Intelligence | Agent technology becomes more and more importance in . As more and more business organizations turn to business intelligence software for growth, the market for such tools is expected to further expand.

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