People first language

People First Language A handicap has been defined as an obstacle which society imposes on a person with a disability; i. A disability has been defined as a body function that operates differently. People First Language seeks to put the person first and the disability second!

People first language

People First Language

This information can be a helpful resource for media, writers, and for general use… The words we use have the power to help or hurt. People with Down syndrome have the same rights as everyone else and should be treated with respect.

Remember to use People First Language in all your interactions to convey respect and to model by example. Spelling The correct spelling is Down syndrome. John Langdon Down provided the first formal description of the syndrome and therefore no possessive is used. A Developmental Disability Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that is present at conception.

There is no known cure for Down syndrome so these terms are inaccurate. People with Down syndrome usually experience mild to moderate physical and intellectual delays. When referring to a person with Down syndrome, the terms mental retardation and mongoloid are considered outdated, offensive and should be avoided.

People First Language Individuals with Down syndrome are people first. The emphasis should be on the individual, not the disability. If mentioning Down syndrome is not relevant to the conversation, why even bring it up at all?

Person First Language and Autism

People with Down syndrome are not all alike. The diversity of abilities and characteristics among individuals with Down syndrome can be best described as the same for the general population.

People first language

Judgment Please avoid judgmental terminology.People First Language seeks to put the person first and the disability second! People with disabilities are people, first and foremost!

The disability rights movement started in the s.

People first language

Now that you have learned some information about people-first language take the pledge to Spread the Word to End the Word! As you have seen from our previous posts the R-word is hurtful, and it is just like using any other racial slur. The People First Respectful Language Modernization Act of was enacted by the Council of the District of Columba on July 11, to “require the use of respectful language when referring to people with disabilities in all new and revised District laws, regulations, rules, and .

Our People First Language articles are available in different languages and formats (long, short, a chart, and a pledge).

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People First Language Words are powerful and they can build up or break down!! People first language emphasizes the person first not the disability. For. example, when referring to a person with a disability, refer to the person first by using. phrases such as: “a person who ”, “a person with ” or, “person who has ”.

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The Continuing Saga of People-First Language. by Larry E. Streeter. From the Editor: Since the emergence of the concept of people-first language some twenty years ago, members of the NFB have objected to the practice and the specious arguments that are used to justify it.

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