New yorker in tondo by marcelion agana jr

He had two shops and a house of his own.

New yorker in tondo by marcelion agana jr

She acquires all the New Yorkers' things - style, looks, language and manners. She tries to converse with everybody in broken English. Tony, sweetheart of Kikay, decides to visit and catch things up with his friend.

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He is a simple guy who got secretly engaged with their other childhood friend, Nena. Nena is a tomboyish type of girl. On her visit in Kikay's house, she finds her friend different and weird. Totoy, the Tondo "canto boy" is their other friend who is funny and has a secret love for Nena which has only been revealed when the two females had a clash.

Gets up from seat Visitors, always visitors, nothing but visitors all day long. I'm beginning to feel like a society matron. Yes, you must bring her back as soon as possible. We miss her when we play mahjong Tony drinks more juice Tony: Mm, that's what she misses most of all.

Once a Tondo girl, always a Tondo girl. I wonder if that's fit my Kikay because after a year in America, she says she's not homesick at all.

New yorker in tondo by marcelion agana jr

When did Kikay arrive, Aling Atang? I didn't know it 'till I read it in the newspaper. That girl only arrived last Monday and look what happened to me! She dragged me to the parlor and my hair was cut, eyebrows shaved and nails manicured. And when I'm going to the market, she makes me use lipstick!

All my kumare are laughing. People think I'm a loose woman. But I can't do anything because it's hard to argue with Kikay. And she insists that I should look like an Americana!

Anyway, where is she now? I thought you were on the province. Is she here at home? Is that you Aling Atang? She's still sleeping Mrs. But it's already You don't look like Aling Atang.

She says that in New York, people don't wake up until I had a haircut. They must be huge people. You look just wonderful.Jul 25,  · New Yorker in Tondo.

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New Yorker in Tondo is a famous Filipino one-act play of Marcelino Agana Jr. written in It is a popular type of comedy which is based on situations that might happen in everyday life. Dec 11,  · "The New Yorker in Tondo," a satire that has perennial relevance in the Philippine society, has been hilariously staged and enjoyed inside universities, colleges and even high school campuses and in professional and semi-professional theaters.

Full Story Of New Yorker In Tondo Free Essays. New Yorker In Tondo ScriptNEW YORKER IN TONDOBy: Marcelino Agana"New Yorker in Tondo" is a classic Filipino Play by Marcelino Agana, Jr.

It is a satire Short Biography of the Author Marcelino Agana Jr. New Yorker in Tondo Short Script Words. 8 Pages The New Yorker in Tondo By Marcelino Agana Jr. SCENE 1 In New York.. KIKAY. (Kikay is reading a letter from her Mother)Dear Kikay, I miss you na, please go home, coz I’m very lonely.

New Yorker in Tondo (Marcelino Agana, Jr.) NEW YORKER IN TONDO (Marcelino Agana, Jr.)SCENE: The parlor of the Mendoza house in door is at right.

Curtained window is at left. Left side of stage is occupied by a rattan set –sofa and two chairs flanking a table. In the story “New Yorker in Tondo” by Marcelino Agana, Jr., it presents a story which portrays a Filipina who came home from New York after 10 months.

Kikay, Agana’s main character, adopted the style of living of a New Yorker making her treat her friends in opposite way that she used to.

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