Love match for n70

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Love match for n70

One of the factors that determine the success of a wedding is the budget of the couples. This is one limiting factor that has prevented a lot of people from having the wedding of their dreams. A lot of money will be needed to purchase all the accessories needed for the wedding, ranging from the wedding gown, suits, wedding rings, makeup, wedding location, foods and drinks and so on.

This is the year and a lot of people already have plans to get wedded to their longtime heartthrob before the end of the year. In the course of the article, we will discuss on how much does a wedding cost in Nigeria.

Love match for n70

In order to work out the cost, it will be necessary to draw out a budget and have a list of the items you want to purchase for your wedding. For people that are going to wed soonest, it will be necessary to Love match for n70 the wedding ring cost in Nigeria.

This will depend on the type and quality of metal that will be desired.

Love match for n70

What most people prefer to use is the white gold or yellow gold. Gold is rated in karats and the price of the wedding ring will depend on the grade of the gold.

An 18K gold ring will cost around N, to about N, This may be quite expensive for some people. If you are on a low budget, you can decide to go for silver rings, which cost between N5, and N35, and this will also depend on the weight and finishing of the ring.

It is possible to get a wedding dress for as low as N8, In fact, it was advertised on jumia. But be aware that wedding gowns can cost so much depending on the design and the brand.

The best price of a wedding gown in Nigeria for an average budget is N50, to N75, A wedding is not complete without the cake. The wedding cake cost in Nigeria will be around N30, to N70, Though you can pay more for this depending on the tiers and icing on the cake.

Image result for wedding cake in nigeria4. The wedding day should be a memorable day and so a photographer will be needed to keep the memory for a long time. How much does a wedding photographer cost in Nigeria?

You might want to ask.

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You will be spending nothing less than N60, to get a perfect photographer and it is even possible for you to spend more depending on how skillful the photographer is. You will also need to put in mind that you will be spending additional costs on makeup, wedding venue decoration if not provided by the event centerwedding venue and a host of other costs.

Most importantly the budget of the couple and the economic value of items at the time of wedding. Averagely to have a perfect wedding in Nigeria, it will cost the family about N2 Million and some will even spend more.Come online to Over 70 Dating and find a man or a woman who can make you feel spiritually young and strong again!

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