Forensic case studies

A Miami-based corporation contacted Forensic Recovery, LLC to determine if a recently terminated executive had transmitted proprietary information to a competitor, who was suspected of currently using protected content within a uniquely formatted database. A review of the executive's computer, carefully secured and protected prior to the individual's termination, did identify both email correspondence between the executive and the competitor, as well as collaborative evidence that such content had been copied to removable storage media prior to the departure.

Forensic case studies

Forensic case studies

Contact Us Case Studies The current climate in forensic provision often limits the amount of forensic work commissioned and the work can be split across different providers resulting in a fragmented approach which may not fully address the case issues.

There is often a focus solely on DNA profiling and whom the result matches. However a DNA match is only the start of the forensic evidence Forensic case studies in many cases it is vital to ensure there is an expert evaluation of its relevance within the context of the case, including what the DNA came from, how and when it was deposited.

It is crucial that the court is presented with a full picture of the evidence and what it means in relation to the both the prosecution and defence accounts. Forensic experts have an overriding duty to the court and can fulfill this need.

Review by an independent expert can provide such missing evaluations or critically appraise any which are reported by Forensic case studies Crown scientist. Sexual Assault- When only a few sperm are detected, does it necessarily mean that intercourse occurred?

Case scenario Complainant C alleges the defendant D had vaginal intercourse with her. When only a few sperm are detected on a vaginal swab, does it necessarily mean that sexual intercourse occurred? D denied intercourse but said they did have intimate contact.

Examination of the vaginal swabs taken from C revealed a small amount of semen was present, which matched the DNA profile of D. Our expert concluded that whilst the semen on the internal vaginal swabs could have been the result of sexual intercourse, the intimate activities that D described could also have resulted in a transfer of semen into the vagina.

Case scenario The defendant D is alleged to have carried out a prolonged assault on X, with punching, kicking and use of a baton. X received significant head injuries which bled profusely. D denied any knowledge of the assault or contact with X. D was arrested nearby shortly after the alleged assault because his clothing matched the description of the assailant.

The baton was not located. Expert evaluation When a person is injured during an assault, the amount of blood transferred to the perpetrator will be dependent on factors such as the nature of the assault, the extent and duration of contact between the perpetrator and the injured person after the onset of bleeding, and the amount of blood lost at the time of this contact.

In many cases there is a lack of specific detail about the events occurring during an assault, including when the injuries were inflicted and the amount of bleeding during the period of contact.

However where there is evidence of a prolonged assault during which significant bleeding occurred during the assault and multiple blows were dealt, it is extremely unlikely that no blood would be transferred to the perpetrator.

The expectation would be for some blood staining to be deposited as a result of contact and also for the transfer of blood spatter from airborne droplets of blood produced during any blows into wet blood.

Forensic case studies

Murder - How and when was the DNA deposited? Case scenario A DNA profile matching the defendant D was detected on the handle of a screwdriver alleged to have been used to fatally stab a man. What is the significance of the DNA result given D denies the murder and any knowledge of the screwdriver?

Expert evaluation DNA profiling results can provide compelling evidence regarding the source of DNA, provided the quality of the match and the associated statistics are not in question, and there is no possibility that close relatives are involved.What are the nuts and bolts of when and how a forensic psychiatrist can assist?

A few examples – case studies – below. You may also find interesting a short summary of a few other interesting cases I have worked r-bridal.comentiality prevents me from delving into a few other very interesting cases.

At the scene of the crime of a murder case, forensic scientists have to determnine the nature of death (i.e. whether the death is natural or unnatural, and if the death is unnatural, whether it is homicidal, suicidal, or accidental).

A Modern Forensic Case File This modern forensic case spotlights just how much a skeleton can reveal. The remains can tell us not only about the deceased person in life, but also about events prior to and surrounding death and burial.

Case Studies. Home / Case Studies; Family members bolt, take the IT department, Under court order, the individual turned over a laptop computer, with no obvious data related to the case.

Forensic inspection by Burgess Forensics revealed enough relevant data to print two entire reams of documents. Suspect settled. This case, based on an actual case of product tampering that occurred in Seattle in , was designed for use in an introductory course in forensic science for non-science majors.

By working through the case, students gain an understanding of the vari. Forensic Biology. Forensic Anthropology. Decomposition; Bodily Fluids Analysis; DNA Analysis; Case Studies; Contact Us; Beverly Allitt.

It is believed that Beverly Allitt suffers from a condition known as Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. This is a syndrome in which the patient deliberately causes illness or injury to another person.

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